Our numeric control machining centres (CNC) are able to produce your parts with the utmost precision. Our quality control ensures that each subsequent part meets the same precision requirements.

Computer-aided Manufacturing
We have 5 programming stations directly linked by network to our pool of over 20 machining centres. 2D milling programming stations, 2 1/2D milling programming stations, 3D milling programming stations and Lathe programming stations. Each of these stations are equipped with the latest versions of the GibbsCAM software. 
Our most valuable assett is our employees. Our programmers receive continuous training to enhance their skills and keep them up to par with industry standards. 

Major investment

We have recently invested over 1.5 million dollars in our production facility to better serve our clients and increase our productivity. This investment includes additional 5 axis machining centres, the implementation of digital technology systems and invested in our workforce. 

Equipment list

Numeric Control Milling Centres (CNC)


Mazak VCU 500A 5X Machining Centre

Capacity: 20"x20"x20"


Mazak Variaxix i-700 Machining Centre

(Palette changer + Probe Renishaw) 

12 HAAS VF2 Machining Centres

Capacity: 30"x16"x16"

3 HAAS VF1 Machining Centres

Capacity: 20"x16"x16"

3 HAAS VF3 Machining Centres

(equipped with a pallet changer system)

Capacity: 40"x20"x20"

HAAS VF3 Machining Centre (with 4 axis)

Capacity: 40"x20"x20"



Numeric control lathes (CNC)

HAAS SL10 Lathe

Capacity: 8"x10"

HAAS SL20 Lathe

Capacity: 10"x20"

Cutting department
Conventional machining department
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